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How Do You Stave Off Hunger? Here are some suggestions:

26 October 2019 | Food

   Hunger Pangs

Image Source: DailyMail

1. Eat!

2. If you can't eat, sleep.

3. If you can't sleep, drink water.

4. Keep drinking water until you can eat. Or are willing to eat.

5. Try taking in deep breaths and exhaling out slowly to calm down the pangs.

6. Drink liquids like soft drinks through a straw, making sure to tighten the top of the straw with  your teeth as you do so. This let's in very little liquid into your mouth. Hopefully you'll feel full sooner than usual.

7. Try chewing gum, instead of actually eating, preferably those with less sugar. Ginger is much better than gum.

8. Stick a carrot or cucumber in your mouth instead of the usual junk you eat each time you get hungry. When you've had enough, try boiled eggs.

9. Get busy doing something you really enjoy doing even when you are hungry.

10. Go wash your clothes or dirty dishes.

11. Go out shopping for groceries. Think Keto.

12. Write about being hungry.

And these are some ways to stave off hunger.

How do you?

HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

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