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How Do You Handle Stress? Here are some suggestions to guide you:

21 October 2019 | Health

Handle Stress

Image Source: LifeJacks

#01. Avoid Stress: Take a break from things that cause you stress.

#02. Stroll: Go for long walks around the neighborhood in the evening.

#03. Relax: Relax with a novel and a cup of tea.

#04. Meditate: Try chanting a word you find uplifting, taking deep breaths between chants.

#05. Sing: Try karaoke.

#06. Be Creative: Learn how to do something new that brings you joy.

#07. Give Love: Spend quality time with your loved one(s).

#08. Socialize: Go to the movies with a friend. Play games with friends.

#09. Swim: Go swimming.

#10. Sightsee: Go window shopping at the mall. Visit landmarks. Go to the zoo.

#11. Play: Visit an amusement park. Play video games.

#12. Change Your Perspective: Find a balcony and just look over the world from up there. Take deep breaths as you do and appreciate the life.

And these are some ways to handle stress.

How Do You?

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